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VAT returns calculate how much VAT is due on sales and how much VAT can be reclaimed on purchases. This dictates how much businesses can then pay or reclaim from HMRC for a given period.

At Dawe Hawken and Dodd we appreciate how time-consuming VAT returns can be, which is why we take care of all the paperwork while you focus on other important tasks that keep your business running smoothly and successfully.

Why Choose Dawe, Hawken & Dodd Bookkeeping For Your VAT Returns?
Acting as HMRC agents, we are proud to offer a wealth of experience and competitive prices to small and growing businesses. We work hard to ease the administrative burden of preparing VAT returns by submitting everything to HMRC on your behalf.

Our range of VAT services include:

  • Assistance with VAT registration
  • VAT control and reconciliation
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration
  • VAT returns help
  • Negotiating with HMRC in disputes
  • Planning to minimise future problems with HMRC

Please contact Robin Woods BSC (Agriculture) on 01579382361

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