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Under the EU Date Protection Regulations (GDPR), we are required to update the data protection references in our engagement letters with clients and, in the case of individual clients, provide certain details regarding the Firm and collection and use of your personal data.

The main details are:

(A) Dawe, Hawken & Dodd is a firm registered with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

The registered office of Dawe Hawken & Dodd is 52 Fore Street, Callington, Cornwall PL17 7AJ.

(B) Your Rights

If you believe the information we process on you is incorrect you can request to see this and have it corrected or deleted.

If you have a bona fide complaint on how your personal data has been handled, please contact the Partner responsible for your care and if you are not satisfied with the explanation you have the right of complaint to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

(C) We will only collect basic personal information about you in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to you i.e. in the preparation of Accounts, Tax Returns, Computations, etc.

We will never supply any personal data to third parties without your authority apart, of course, from that relation to direct correspondence with the Inland Revenue in agreeing your Taxation Liabilities etc.

(D) Normally we will only keep your personal/business data for a minimum of 7 years after which it could be confidentially deleted/destroyed.

These may involve additional fees as far as you are concerned where, for example, you have failed to collect physical records required in the preparation of the Accounts within a reasonable period which would normally be at most 12 months before the next subsequent years Accounts are prepared.

The confidential disposal of these Records will only be with a Registered Firm whose costs are not inconsiderable.

It would, therefore, be very much in your best interest to collect the Records yourself promptly – at least once a year – to avoid these costs but to retain them yourself for a minimum of 7 years or longer where they could relate to any Capital Gains Tax issues, i.e. purchase of Land, Buildings, Improvements, etc.

(E) All our computers, memory sticks, etc. are encrypted to safeguard your privacy and to comply with the changes in the regulations.

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